Condiments, Sauces & Salad Dressings

Miracle Packaging is the ideal packaging for everything condiments, sauces and salad dressings, for single use or multiple use. For example, single use Miracle Packaging is the perfect companion for salads (single use salad dressing), ready-to-eat meals (single use meat sauce) or bagels (single use, easy-to-spread cream cheese). Miracle Packaging can also have a cap, which makes it a welcome guest at the family table, in a multiple use format. The resealability of the packaging allows the users to control the product flow, without having to worry about the product drying inside the packaging.

Dairy and Spreads

We need a world where peanut butter spread, cream cheese and Nutella (or any other spread for that matter) can be eaten on-the-go and without hassle (think: not winding up with more product on your hands than on your sandwich). Miracle Packaging makes this easy. Miracle Packaging can also be used for any milk-based product, whether single or multiple use. Chocolate milk in Miracle Packaging, anyone?

Drinks Flavoring and Liquor-Based Beverages

What do you mean, glass bottles are not allowed on the beach or by the pool? Do not despair! Your problem has just been solved! Miracle Packaging is non-breakable and therefore ideal for the beach, on the road, while camping or enjoying the outdoors. Miracle Packaging is a great fit for mixed drinks or liquor-based beverages. And yes, it is also perfect for premade drinks.

Refill Packaging

To all those using a funnel to refill existing packaging, we know that you are hiding out there! Thanks to the conical shape of Miracle Packaging, refilling existing packaging is super-easy and does not require additional tools. The tip of Miracle Packaging will fit almost any packaging openings, making refilling easy, squirt-free and spillage-free! For larger size refills, we recommend our Miracle Packaging with a handle.

Energy Drinks

Gone are the energy drinks you have to “fight with” to open. But more importantly, it is time to think: sustainability. Most energy drinks come in a plastic bottle or can, but with Miracle Packaging your energy drink can deliver more product with much less waste, and using much less energy (no pun intended) (or maybe a little…). Miracle Packaging is easy to use on-the-go!

Travel-Size Toiletries and Cosmetics

Miracle Packaging offers the perfect combination of ease-of-use and ease-of-storage. No need to carry around a month-long supply of toiletries for a weekend getaway. With Miracle Packaging, a 3-day trip means 3 single uses of Miracle Packaging. Miracle Packaging offers single use opportunities for almost any type of toiletries or cosmetics, such as shampoo, body wash, body lotion, face cream, toothpaste, face mask, and many more.

Baby Food

As Murphy’s Law would have it, babies are not always hungry at the most convenient time or place, but with Miracle Packaging, this is no longer a problem. No need to worry about breaking the packaging or having a straw go missing! Miracle Packaging is non-breakable and ideal for any size portion! And because product flow is easy to control, it is also easy for parents to dispense as much food as needed. Miracle packaging is a light-weight, flexible packaging, making any breaking of the packaging a worry of the past!

Maintenance Products

“Please avoid any contact with the skin or eyes”; a warning that is sometimes easier said than done. With Miracle Packaging and its conical shape, product flow is easily controlled and, most importantly, there is no more squirt effect or spilling of the product. Miracle Packaging allows a user to dispense the product in a precise manner, while completely controlling the product flow.

Prepared Foods

We all love on-the-go prepared meals. But it’s not without challenges. As an example, did you ever try to have sushi on-the-go? Including soy sauce and wasabi? Mission impossible! No need to turn your lid into a mixing container anymore! Thanks to Miracle packaging not only can you dispense your soy sauce and wasabi in a precise manner, but Miracle Packaging can also stand up on its own, ready for a later use.


Don’t tell us that you’ve never used a pair of scissors to open a facemask packaging. Or used a knife to scrape some extra product from a square container of cosmetics. Especially since such packaging usually doesn’t nearly contain enough product for what you need. Stop the madness! And use Miracle Packaging! First, Miracle Packaging makes the product easy to dispense (no more mess). And, second, Miracle Packaging makes the flow of any product easy, allowing you to completely empty the packaging, and giving you all the product that you want and deserve. Whether for single or multiple use, for face cream or any other cosmetics products, Miracle Packaging will remove all frustrations from your daily or weekly routine.

Household Cleaners and Detergents

Thanks to its unique design, Miracle Packaging weighs much less, and, with a handle, is much easier to use than rigid packaging. Miracle Packaging can be used for household cleaners or detergents of any size. Whether the product is liquid or dry, Miracle Packaging gives you a superior control over the product flow.