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About Miracle Packaging

We have all experienced it before: you want to use a product, but are struggling to open its packaging. Or even worse, when you’re finally able to open the packaging, you wind up spilling the product everywhere around you, except where you wanted it in the first place. The latter is exactly what happened to me traveling on a long-haul flight, trying to open a small container of salad dressing. The opening feature of the packaging did not work. And after my long struggle with all edges and corners of the packaging, I was finally able to open it, but not without spilling half of the content on my clothes (and my neighbor’s).

You are not alone. The difficulty in opening a packaging is one of the most cited complaints from retail consumers. In fact, the phenomenon is so prevalent, it now has a name: “wrap rage”. Despite all scientific and technological progress of space travel, missions to Mars or self-driving cars, wrap rage is alive and well, and the consumers’ daily struggle with different kinds of packaging around the world continues.

I set out to stop the madness and came up with a CPG packaging that would be super-easy to open, super-easy to dispense, and allow for a super-easy and controlled dispensing of its content. And yes, I called it “Miracle Packaging” because, to me, having a flexible packaging, that does not lead to wrap rage, is a small miracle in itself.

Check out our packaging product and experience our Miracle Packaging today!

Pieter Weyts, Founder

Miami Beach, Florida