Why Miracle Packaging?

Why Miracle Packaging?

Consumers’ first user experience of a product is opening its packaging. So many times, consumers are faced with “wrap rage”, ending in a promise not to ever buy the product again. Opening mechanisms or features that are challenging or do not work are a major source of consumer frustration. Another major source of consumer complaints is the limited control in dispensing the product. A consumer may spill the product, dispense too much or too little, or may not be able to dispense the entire contents. After a poor consumer experience, the consumer will associate the product as a whole with negative emotions, regardless of the intrinsic qualities of the product. Such negative emotions will result in less repeat customers and lower sales.

Miracle Packaging provides a unique packaging solution to consumer product companies and consumers while being mindful of brand image, product integrity and packaging functionalities. Miracle Packaging addresses a pressing need and recurring problem for consumers to both easily open the packaging and dispense the entire contents in a precise and squirt-free manner. At Miracle Packaging, consumer satisfaction is our highest priority. Every consumer is different and may use a product in different ways. Miracle Packaging is easy to open and gives complete control to the consumer over a product’s dispensing. The ease of use and superior control gives the consumer much higher product satisfaction, resulting in repeat customers and higher sales.


Top 5 Consumer Complaints in Opening a Packaging and Dispensing a Product


Consumer Complaint #4

Inability to dispense entire contents

Most packaging is ineffective or inadequate at dispensing the entirety of the contents. The quantity of product that sticks to the inside walls or bottom of packaging is enormous. Why can’t consumers get all the contents that they paid for? The consumers’ inability to capture all the contents of their product only increases their frustration and further reflects poorly on the entire product experience.

Consumer Complaint #5

Uncontrolled dispensing

The packaging of many consumer products has not been designed for a controlled dispensing of the product contents. Some packaging leads to dispensing too much product at once, while other packaging dispenses way too little.